I can't thank you enough for the beautiful pictures you took of my husband's little girl Java. She is not an easy subject,  and it was hot, but the photos came out amazing. It was hard for him to even pick a favorite.

Your work is very professional, you have exceptional ideas, and I loved the props.

I highly recommend your work to anyone looking for a photographer, and look forward to having you photograph more of my 4 legged kids.


Kelley M. Weaver (Pet Portrait Session)


Ack! I am so far behind in updating this page it is now jumping to the top of the list! Keep an eye out for more recent testimonials soon! I am sooo much better BEHIND the camera than updating here! UGH! :)**

Here is what's been said about my style (that I know;)

"Anyone who has been married or in a long term relationship, know's the blending of two can at times be challenging. Building a good relationship is hard work although a GOOD work. My husband and I had a disagreement a few days ago that left me agitated to say the least. When he left for work I walked around the housing "fuming" until my eyes rested on a couple photographs that Nat of NattieFattie Photography had taken of me and mine. As I stared at the photos, my heart melted as I saw the love my husband has for me that Nat was able to capture on film. They moved me so emotionally that I forgave my husband before he got home-which is a first for me! I realized that ONE of the reasons Nat was able to bring such life and love to our final product is because that is what and who SHE is. I LOVE MY PICTURES!!! Competitors watch out!! There's a new LIGHT in town with a new CAMERA full of ACTION!!" MF, Couple/Family

"I have a photographer and her name is awesome." KB, Portraits

"We will recommend you over and over! I loved the fact you took your time to visit the location beforehand and check the lighting, so professional and courteous to your clients. During the event you were there but not pushing people around for photo ops, just casually and professionally taking such heartfelt photographs of all our family members. I do hope you noticed many made your pics their Facebook profile pictures...There's proof! Grandma was thrilled with her photos with her daughter and granddaughter, the bride. It was so thoughtful to take photos of all the decorations since they were homemade and from the heart of the bride's family. Our family fell in love with you and your story and your gentle nudging to smile for the camera, your photographs showed so much love for the bride from her family. We love you Nattie!" SL, Small event photos

"We love, love, love our photos! Nattie has such a gift and can capture a person's personality with a click of the camera. We loved our photo shoot and felt like movie stars or models! They were so professional we suggested she send them to Harley Davidson as a freelance job!" SL, Family/Couple Portraits (with their Harley)

"Nattie did an incredible job capturing our family in photos. She got every smile and smirk that my sons makes. She really has an eye for what works for your specific family and surprises you with incredible results. We loved all the moments she captured of us laughing, playing and Just being silly. God has blessed her with an amazing talent!" CL, Family Portraits

Nattie, "I just had a chance to see my photos. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!" PW, Family Portraits


Nattie, I can't thank you enough for the photos of my daughter. They are BEAUTIFUL. I love everything about them, the poses, the backgrounds and the black and white option. Your talent and love for photography really shows in your pictures. KR, Teen Portraits


"Nattie did a photo shoot with myself, 4 other moms, and 5 kids. She found a way to organize the group while capturing the best of each person individually as well. Her ability to see through the lens and capture personality as well as photos is amazing!" JW

"Nattie really took the time to try to capture the essence of my kids’ personalities. She got some fantastic candid shots and real smiles out of each of them, which is exactly what I was looking for. Her photos are framed on my living room wall, and we get compliments on a regular basis". AC

"We loved the photos it took us forever to decide which ones to use for the card and we still have to figure out what ones we want to blow up and put in our bedroom". JN